2022-23 Saturday Pennant Premiers

Saturday Pennant Grand Final Day 18 March 2023 was very special for the Cobram Bowling Club.

We had finalists in 4 of the 5 available Divisions, AND

brought home THREE flags!


Division 1. Back Phill O’Dwyer (emerg), Andrew Giblin, Paul McKay, Allan McDonald, Andrew Hirst, Gerg Thorne, Steve Tatnall (s);

Front: Garry Carter, Greg Dunn (s), David (George) Quinane, Ray Parks (s), Haydn Smoth, John Dixon.


Division 2: Back – Tel Pearce (s), Colin McDonald, Alan Vinecombe, Peter Garland, Ron Dougherty (s), John Anders, Brian Doyle.

Front: Keith (Cliffy) Faulkner, Kerry Baldacchinom Joy Mynard, Marj McDonald (s), Ross Smith, Jenny Warfe (emergency).

Division 5: Back – Ian Bray, John(Jack) Brand, Chris Ward, Jim Burkitt (s), John Taylor.

Front – Luke Quinane (s), Tracey Emery, Donna Bacon (emergency), Jeanette Liersch

Division 4 Grand Finalists – part of a red-letter day for Cobram Bowling Club with sides in 4 of the 5 finals, represented on 10 of the 13 rinks, and the Club bringing home THREE premiership flags.

Division 4. Back – George Mynard, Brian Bacon, Alan Temple, Bryan Freeman.

Front -Glenda Mann (s), Brenda Smethurst (s), Sue Carter, Barbara Turner, Annette Temple (Emergency)